Festival Dates
1. When will SPANNUNGEN Festival take place?

SPANNUNGEN will take place in June.
We will communicate the exact date as early as possible on our homepage.


 FAQ: ordering tickets
2. How can I order tickets for SPANNUNGEN Festival?

You can order tickets by filling out the brochure order form and sending it to us in a letter, or as a fax, or by filling out the “Order tickets” online form on this website.
During the Festival, if there are remaining tickets, you can eventually ask the Festival office to have them available for you at the evening box office. 
During the Festival week, you can reach the Festival Office 
at telephone No. +49 175–5987970.
See also Question No. 6 (remaining tickets).

3. When do ticket sales start?

Advanced sales will begin on a date to be announced on our homepage.
Newsletter subscribers will be informed of the date even earlier.
On the exact date and time when advanced sales begin, the online order form will be activated simultaneously with the fax machine.
Ticket reservations are processed in chronological order, as they arrive. Please understand that we cannot accept orders that do not use the provided order forms as specified under Question No. 2 (e.g. the brochure order form or the online order form).

4. How can I get a ticket order form if I want to order by post or fax?

The order form is part of the Festival brochure. We send it to everyone who has asked to be included in our list of interested parties.
(to be on the list, send an e-mail to musik@spannungen.de )
We send out the brochures ca. 1 week before advance booking opens. Thus, if you react quickly, you have the same chances to get tickets by sending us a letter as those who order via fax or use the online order form.
Please note that our fax reception is turned on at the moment when online order forms become available.

5. I have often attempted to acquire tickets, but never successfully. Despite the fact that I went online to order them shortly after 10AM. How can that be possible?

The online order form is always activated at the minute sharp, as announced, on the exact date. Some concerts receive so many orders that they become sold out within minutes.
Our advice:
Don't forget to refresh your browser regularly at that time in order not to miss the moment when the online order form is activated.

6. Why do tickets sometimes become later available for a concert that was sold out weeks in advance?

In some cases, tickets ordered by other clients are made available because they were not paid on time.
Guests of honor, artist family members, or the press sometimes return tickets at the last minute, and the Festival Office makes them available to the public.

7. How can I improve my chances to get tickets?

When filling out the order form, you will have better chances of acquiring a ticket if you check the box that allows us to propose alternative dates and alternative price categories instead of the ones you've selected.
Please be reassured that we are doing our best to fulfill the wishes of as many ticket orderers as possible, as quickly and as fairly as possible.

8. How many tickets am I allowed to order? We would like to attend as a larger group.

In order to ensure that a maximum number of interested music lovers will be able to attend one of the concerts, we have limited the number of available tickets on the order form to four tickets per concert and eight tickets during the entire Festival week.

9. I am physically disabled. Can you provide appropriate concert seating?
We have several seats that are suitable for people with physical disabilities, in some cases with an accompanying person. 

In the "Remarks/Message" field on the order form, please inform us that you have a disability so that we can communicate with you about seating availability and suitability, as well as access to the concert venue.

10. Do you have special rates for children?
Yes, for children, schoolchildren and students we have discounts in certain price categories.
On the order form, please specify your child's age, or include a copy of the school or student identity card and have it ready to show at the concert entrance.

11. Can I order exactly the spot I want?
You have a choice of several different price categories, but within those categories you cannot choose a specific seat.
12. Can I return purchased tickets for a refund?

On general principle, we do NOT refund tickets that have already been purchased. Not even if there is a change of programme or performers.
However, if you would like to return your ticket so that someone else can take advantage of the opportunity, please call the Festival Office during the Festival week under
Tel. No. +49 1 75–5 98 79 70.

13. Do you have gift certificates for SPANNUNGEN?
Since tickets are only available by filling out the order form and only when advance booking has begun, we cannot offer gift certificates. Especially since SPANNUNGEN concert tickets are in incredibly high demand. 


 FAQ: The concerts
14. What are the best ways to get to Heimbach Power Plant?

Once you are in Heimbach, the SPANNUNGEN parking lot is clearly signposted.
It is located in the Kleestrasse, 52396 Heimbach. 

>>> Getting there

Please follow our parking assistants' instructions.

15. Is there anything to eat or drink on the premises?

Before the concert, during the intermission, and after the concert, drinks and snacks are available in one of the tents next to the concert hall.

16. When do concerts start? When do they finish? Is there an intermission?

As soon as our program planning is finished (one week before we send out the brochure), you will find dates and times in the main menu under 
"Concerts", then later on in the printed brochure with the order form, and on your concert ticket.

Normally there is an intermission in each concert. 
Concerts at SPANNUNGEN have always tended to be longer than elsewhere.

17. Am I allowed to take photos or make audio or video recordings during the concert?

You can only take photos or make audio or video recordings with our express permission. 

18. Is the concert hall air conditioned?

The power plant is not air conditioned. 
Thus, under certain weather conditions, it can become quite stuffy or hot inside.

19. Gibt es eine Abendkasse?

Ja, Sie finden sie, wenn Sie das Veranstaltungsgelände betreten, im linken Zelt, vorne links.
Die Abendkasse öffnet eine Stunde vor Konzertbeginn.

20. Do you have printed concert programmes?

At the box office you can purchase a comprehensive, informative programme booklet for the entire week, containing programme notes and artist biographies.

21. What happens if I arrive late?

Just as in other concert halls, you will be allowed admission during the applause between works.

22. Is there a checkroom for coats?

There is a cloakroom with limited capacity, but there is no watchperson to guard your clothing items. 

23. Do guests stay to eat or drink after the concert?

After the concert, you can stay around in the tent and purchase drinks and snacks. 
In the programme booklet you will find a list of establishments in Heimbach and surroundings where you can also have a little something to eat after the concert. 
You will find further information by clicking on 
Heimbach Tourist Office

24. How many people does the power plant seat?

Heimbach Power Plant has a capacity to seat 590 concertgoers. 
Seating Plan

25. Are any of the concerts broadcast on radio? Have any of them been recorded on CD?

Deutschlandfunk, our media partner, normally records all concerts and broadcasts the recording during the weeks and months following the Festival.
You will find the broadcast dates under
Service  >  Radio broadcasts
in our programme brochure, 
or in the programme information provided by Deutschlandfunk. 

Certain recitals and works are released on CD.
You will find a complete listing of all previous SPANNUNGEN CDs under
Listen & See  >  CDs.

26. Where can I spend the night in Heimbach?

In Heimbach and its surroundings there are many overnight lodgings that are in high demand during the Festival. 

For information, please contact the
Heimbach Tourist Office (Fremdenverkehrsamt)

27. Are there introductions to the concerts or other activities apart from the concerts themselves?
You will find a listing of all complimentary Festival activities under NEWS

28. Can we attend public rehearsals?

Public rehearsals are an important part of our chamber music festival.
They take place in Hengebach Castle in Heimbach.
Attendance is free.
Please note that rehearsals are only planned at short notice. We attempt to announce them the previous evening under the heading NEWS
and on notices visible at the festival hotel (Hotel Klostermühle, Heimbach) and at the power plant.

29. Do you have a lost and found bureau?

In case you lose a personal object during a recital or another Festival activity, please ask at the ticket office.  
Tel. +49 1 75 5 98 79 70 (only during the Festival) 
or via e-mail: ticket@spannungen.de