Terms and conditions for ordering tickets
SPANNUNGEN: Music in the RWE Power Plant in Heimbach

How you can order: 
By postal mail to the following address: 
SPANNUNGEN: Musik im RWE-Kraftwerk Heimbach
Postfach 10 11 45
52311 Düren

Via telefax: 
+49 (0) 24 21–97 16 83 

Use the online order form: 

The order is placed to: Kunstförderverein Kreis Düren e.V.

Purchase of individual tickets is limited to      
4 tickets per concert 
8 tickets for the entire Festival week. 

The advance booking fee is: 
10 % of the individual ticket price
or EUR 5,- in the case of subscriptions. 

Orders are processed chronologically as they arrive. 
When you order, you are making a binding offer to conclude the purchase of the concert tickets you have ordered. 

Ordering online:
After using the order form on the website www.spannungen.de, you will receive an e-mail that confirms that your order has been received, listing all details (order confirmation). The order confirmation is not equivalent with the acceptance of your purchase offer; it only serves to inform you that we have received your order. 
Customers ordering tickets online will receive an invoice or a notification via e-mail within one week after the order has been placed.  

Ordering by postal mail or via fax
Customers who order by postal mail or via fax receive an invoice or a notification one week after their order, either by mail or sent to the e-mail address they have indicated

Ticket orders can only be processed if enough tickets are available. Thus, a purchase agreement is only valid from the moment when we send you the tickets, or an invoice that corresponds with your order.  Since the services we offer are associated with leisure activities, according to § 312g Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 9 BGB (German Civil Code) your purchase does not constitute a Distance Contract (Fernabsatzvertrag) in the sense of § 312b BGB. In other words: the usual customer two-week right of revocation for distance contracts does not apply to your purchase with us. Your order is binding: once we, the organizers, have accepted and processed it, you are obliged to pay without delay for the tickets you have ordered.  

Concert tickets are sent
after we have received your payment. The payment term is 7 days after date of invoice. Once that deadline has been surpassed, the tickets are put on sale again for other customers. 

Exchange or return 
of tickets we have already sent is not allowed. We reserve the right to make changes in music programs and in artist rosters. They do not confer you the right to demand an exchange or a refund for your ticket. If a concert is cancelled or interrupted, no damage claims are accepted apart from the ticket price refund. 

for concert tickets are available for schoolchildren and students if they present a valid ID. Please scan or photocopy the ID and include it in your order (via fax, e-mail or postal mail). Please also have the ID ready to show for admission to the concert. 

After the concert has begun
there is no claim to admission. Our personnel will nevertheless allow you to enter the concert hall after the intermission at the latest. 

The evening box office 
opens one hour before the concert begins. Reserved tickets lose their validity if they are not picked up 30 minutes before concert begin at the latest. Thus, please arrive on time and allow for eventual waiting time at the evening box office or for parking in your schedule. 

Remaining tickets 
can be purchased, if available, through the hotline +49 (0) 1 75 – 5 98 79 70 that can be reached during the SPANNUNGEN Festival Week from 10AM to 12AM and from 2PM to 5PM, or at the evening box office one hour before the concert begins.

Your ticket order including the advance booking fee becomes obligatory when you accept the order conditions on our website “www.spannungen.de” during the order process,  and when you click on the “purchase obligatory” button.